The Province of Manitoba has made an an investment of $15 Million to create the Digital Manitoba Initiative. The fund was designed to ensure that local businesses have the tools they need to take advantage of opportunities provided by the modern economy. 

To stay competitive, businesses are investing in their digital assets, upgrade their outdated or inefficient systems and adapt their strategies for everything from marketing to supply chain, to customer experience. 

Digital transformation represents a huge opportunity but knowing where to start with implementation can be a challenge. After funding is secured the next big step is finding vendors you can trust – companies and individuals with the right kinds of expertise and experience.

New Media Manitoba (NMM) is ready to assist and connect you to that talent. Our diverse and talented member-base represents the very best of the creative and technical sector including:

•Web Development
•Game Development
•User Experience / User Interface
•Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
•Digital Installations

NMM wants to foster more collaborations between Manitoba’s interactive digital media companies and local business looking for service providers.

Contact us to find out how we can connect you to the expertise you need to take your business to the next level.