Design Sprint Workshop

Join us for this unique learning opportunity. This workshop will extend and evolve your team’s design thinking process towards an iterative, human-centred approach, perfect for building and iterating systems and services.

Design Sprint(s) is a methodology for scaling solutions to problems fast. This program helps all types of organizations build capacity and increase service productivity. Design Sprints provide public servants with the skills to build cross-functional teams, manage local and remote productivity, design, iterate and create solutions for micro to macro level problems to meet critical organizational needs. Design Sprints are part of the agile framework recognized by industry to provide employees with solution focused perspectives, build deeper relationships with internal and external stakeholders, increasing their knowledge and understanding of the issues facing other departments and sectors.

This is an excellent opportunity to experience a remote working, future ready approach to problem solving that can be immediately applied to your daily work.

Part one. One Hour Webinar – September 29th, 2020.

A one hour webinar with Jay Melone (New Haircut, NYC) and learn how the most innovative organizations use Design Thinking to discover customer-centred opportunities that create measurable business impact. You will also become aware of Design Sprints – a rapid, highly structured Design Thinking framework, developed by Google.

Design thinking can help evolve a team’s process towards an iterative, human-centred approach, perfect for building products and services that customers want. With this is powerful framework teams will be better equipped to:

Rapidly innovate
Iterative improvements for existing products and services
Create alignment, and foster agreement
Move ideas from Concept-to-Code
Answer “why does no one want this?” and “what do they actually want?”

Part two. Full day online workshop. October 29th, 2020.

The training with Jay Melone (New Haircut, NYC) will provide both an in-depth over view of the agile and design sprint framework and will be structured as a design sprint.

1. Interactive problem solving tasks coupled with participant-generated problems are used to engage and personalize learning.
2. Instructors will facilitate discussion and lead participants through activities to solve current participant problems with real world examples for application in their work tomorrow.
3. A combination of learning strategies will be used to reinforce course concepts, such as how to develop character attributes for cross-functional teams, solution scaling, and decision-making. These will be coupled with multimodal materials to reinforce concepts for each learning style.
4. Community practitioner will provide strategies for engaging internal and external stakeholders, departments and sectors.
5. Active participation is encouraged and all participants are expected to remain on task and interact at prompts to ensure successful completion of the course.

Who should participate? Participants should ideally play a leadership or transformation champion roll within a department. You should take facilitation roles where possible leading your colleagues through design thinking process toward solutions.

Registration is by email. – Registration is first ten respondents by email to confirm attendance, with a waiting list for ten participants.

***Registration closes September 25th.  [email protected] Please use email subject DesignSprint***