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Landing a Job in Games

October 16th & 23rd @ 10:00AM – 4:00PM
Have you ever wanted to work in the Interactive Digital Media Industry but haven’t been able to apply because you don’t have experience?

About this event

Don’t you worry, there is a way where you can have proven “experience” that can ease that first job application and we will cover it here on this Post Game Jam Workshop brought by New Media Manitoba.

Yes, you got it, it has to do with a Game Jam.

The idea of this workshop is to take your game(s) from your previous Game Jam and see how you can use it on your portfolio, resume, cover letter and interview as part of experience so that you have better chances of getting a job in the industry.

You might never though about it, but a Game Jam is a stressed way of showing what you are capable of doing with your skills and knowledge, in a short, resource limited environment.

When: October 16th & 23rd 10am – 4pm

Cost: Free

Where: Virtual (Link to be provided)

Did you know that small and big companies have internal Game Jams to gaze the teams skills (technical and non-technical, like teamwork), reinforce team building, creativity and fast development.

Well it’s 100% true! Companies use and value a lot Game Jams, managers understand it takes to be able and pull out a game in such a short time. On every regard, it’s a way to test your technical skills, team work ability, how to properly prioritize task, organize your time and take things seriously.

That is why New Media Manitoba is bringing you this workshop , so that you if you haven’t been able to land a job for lack of experience, but has been participating or thinking of being part of a Game Jam, can use this as a valuable asset in your resume/portfolio.

This Workshop is meant for Game Jammers, or those who have not yet seen the benefits of it and whoever that is interested on knowing what they can do with a Game Jam aside from having fun (which is a big part of it).

Learning Outcomes

We will have some time to go through the game you made on Ludum Dare 49. We will fix any major bug that is preventing it from being presentable, adding that last bit of polish that will make it great.

  • We will go over the benefits of a Game Jam aside from having fun
  • We will discuss all the different skills you can master on a Game Jam.
  • The different tools you could use to make your life easier on a Game Jam, but also that will help as valuable experience for your future job.
  • Highly important, we will make sure you understand how to add this experience in your resume, cover letter and portfolio.
  • We will talk about how to present in the best way your game jam experience on an interview.
  • How to keep having fun at Game Jams, but also being smart if you want to use them for an interview or as experience in your resume.
  • How to build your portfolio, if you still don’t have one; or how to add Game Jams to your portfolio.
Instructor Bio

Gabriel Lascano, an international Computer Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing, got his Unity 3D Certification in 2017 after a few years of intense video game programming in his home country. Shortly after he moved to Canada in 2017, he worked with a local company (Tactica interactive) developing a 3D video game called Kid Diners for TVOKids. Thanks to the community he was able to contact Daniel Blair, CEO of the company he is currently working at (Bit Space Development) where he is the Chief Technology Officer and Certified Scrum Master working every day with the latest technology available for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to build immersive experiences and simulators.