NMM DemoCamp: September 22, 2011 banner

Fall is in the air and it's a perfect time to gather indoors over some warm drinks and see what new products Manitoba New Media folks have been working on!

On Thursday, September 22, 2011, we'll be gathering to meet at Eat! Bistro/Aqua Books, 274 Garry Street, at 7pm, to listen and chat with three great presenters beginning with:

Devin Reimer, App Developer Extraordinaire, Almost Logical Software
Devin will demo his new app MAZE MOVER, as well a few of his others, and talk about the challenges of Blackberry PlayBook app development and the hurdles to releasing on PlayBook’s App World store. http://blog.almostlogical.com

Our next presenter on Thursday evening is:

Andrew Yankiwski, Partner, Precursor Productions
Andrew will demo his recent sound design work creating character voices for the forthcoming video game Salvation Prophecy from Firedance Games. Andrew will touch on Precursor’s workflow, voice actor casting and directing, and the process that was developed to transform ordinary human voices into those of killer robots, cyborgs and ancient alien statues. http://www.precursorproductions.com

Alec Holowka, video game developer, Infinite Ammo
Alec will be demo’ing the game programming engine Unity(he’ll make a simple game in unity on the spot taking suggestions from the audience on what to add). He’ll talk about the newly formed Winnipeg Unity Users Group (WUUG), a new game development community in Winnipeg that will cater to newbies, hobbyists and professionals working with the Unity. WUUG will encourage collaboration and creativity while sharing resources and knowledge. Membership is open to all including complete newcomers and even families. Anyone can learn how to make a game in Unity! And the basic Unity engine is FREE!

For those that like to Eat! you can join us at Eat! Bistro on the main floor of Aqua Books at 6pm. Several of us are going to gather for a bite of their delicious fare prior Demos at 7pm.

What is DemoCamp?
It’s a forum for developers, designers, CEO’s and others to be proud of their work, get feedback from their peers, and possibly find other people who are interested in helping them.

How to demo?
The goal is to have presenters show, demonstrate, and talk about their actual software/hardware/etc. You are welcome to bring your laptop (and all cables you’ll require). There will be a projector and screen available, and 1 ethernet connection.

  1. you get 15 minutes
  2. no powerpoint
  3. the rest is up to you

If you're interested in being a DemoCamp presenter and sharing something you've worked on please email kathy@newmediamanitoba.com