Advanced iOS 5-Day Boot Camp with Big Nerd Ranch

Advanced iOS 5-Day Boot Camp with Big Nerd Ranch banner

If you're an iOS developer who wants to take your iPhone or iPad app programming skills to the next level, attend our 5-Day Advanced iOS Boot camp.

Suitable for iOS developers who have the basics under their belts, this class explores advanced iOS development topics including 2D and 3D graphics programming, using the built-in sensors to capture and process audio and video, and maximizing the performance of iOS applications.

Upon completion of the iPhone Boot camp, you receive exclusive access to Big Nerd Ranch's private developer board where you have access to all the students Big Nerd Ranch has ever trained (in the thousands) and can ask questions of their trainers.

The iOS 5-Day Boot camp runs March 4th - March 8th, 9am - 6:00pm Monday - Friday.


You must have attended the previous iOS Boot camp or similar study and experience with iOS Development. You MUST have experience with iOS Development to participate in this course. If you have any questions about your knowledge level, please contact

What You’ll Learn

Upon completion of Advanced iOS Programming, the student will understand how to:

  • Store documents, application data, and settings in iCloud
  • Write concurrent applications using Grand Central Dispatch and NSOperationQueue
  • Customize Storyboard view transitions
  • Use GLKit based controllers for OpenGL 3D rendering
  • Process and enhance images using Core Image and OpenGL ES shaders
  • Efficiently process data sets with the Accelerate framework
  • Asynchronously communicate with and parse data from JSON based web services
  • Print and email documents from within your app
  • Access the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass using Core Motion
  • Write Augmented Reality applications that place virtual markers on real-world objects
  • Record, process and playback audio in real time using Core Audio
  • Display and process real time video in OpenGL ES
  • Display content on external displays using AirPlay streaming and wired video connections
  • Use web views to render content and pass information and events between Javascript and Objective-C
  • Master the iOS performance optimization tools and LLDB debugger
  • Secure files on disk and credentials in the keychain

Advanced iOS Programming SYLLABUS

The contents of thise course are perpetually being updated to bring students the latest info

  • iCloud: Using Apple’s iCloud for syncing data, documents, and preferences
  • Storyboard: Using UIPageViewController, including adding custom transitions
  • GLKit: Using GLKit to manage OpenGL Rendering
  • Web Views: Calling Objective C from a UIWebView
  • UIScreen: Accessing external displays from iOS devices
  • AVFoundation Audio: Real-time Audio Processing with AVFoundation
  • Twitter API: Accessing Twitter and other web services using the iOS 6 Twitter API
  • JSON: Serializing and deserializing JSON using NSJsonParser
  • Advanced Table Views: Fast rendering custom table views; adding search controllers
  • Audio Processing: Real-time manipulation and playback of audio
  • Core Motion: Using accelerometer and gyroscope data as input
  • Core Motion + OpenGL: Viewing 3D environments based on device pose
  • Augmented Reality: Rendering 3D objects over video at geographic coordinates
  • Concurrency: Doing many things at once using GCD, blocks, and NSOperationQueue
  • Optimization: Advanced use of performance tools for fixing application bottlenecks
  • Core Image: Fast image processing on the CPU and GPU
  • Face Detection: Finding faces in photos and video
  • Video to Texture: Displaying video data through OpenGL textures in 3D rendering
  • Custom UIs: Skinning your apps with custom views and UIKit’s new features
  • Augmented Reality II: Rendering 3D objects on live video of printed markers
  • Accelerate: Fast mathematics calculations using the Accelerate framework
  • Core Plot: Making beautiful charts and graphs with the open source Core Plot library
  • Printing: Printing out documents on AirPrint enabled printers
  • Computer Vision: Processing images and video on iOS using OpenCV
  • LLDB: Advanced debugger usage including scripting the debugger
  • Security: Securely storing files on disk and items in the keychain
  • Quartz: Advanced 2D Graphics rendering
  • Scripting: Embedding scripting languages in your app

About the instructor

Scott Ritchie

Scott Ritchie Cocoa and iPhone Instructor Scott Ritchie has been developing with and teaching about Objective-C since he joined NeXT Computer in 1990. Prior to that time he was an engineer at Sun Microsystems working on window systems. Since 2000 he has held several training and engineering positions with Apple, most recently working with both AppKit and UIKit development.

Scott received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington in Seattle, where he was introduced to Smalltalk-80. He hasn't wanted to work with a computer language that wasn't also an "environment" since. He went on to earn a Masters in Computer Science from UC Berkeley where he focused on the design of RISC-based multiprocessor architectures.