Happy Holidays from New Media Manitoba

Looking back on 2020 is a big ask. So much has happened in a single calendar year, it is almost too much to fathom. And yet as we inch toward the end of the year, we are doing our very best to reflect on what is the most pivotal and unexpected year in our history. We have heard countless stories of local businesses that, due to extreme circumstances, have had to close their doors. We grieve alongside those entrepreneurs that poured all of their passion, energy and time away from their families into ventures that brought them joy and meaning. 

Fortunately, within our IDM industry, we have seen some of our colleagues find unprecedented opportunities to grow. We celebrate the successes of our friends and find light in what was an excruciating year. It has been a time where we all have had to dig deep and find grace and perseverance in volumes many of us didn’t even know we had. A study that we commissioned in March / April at the top of the pandemic revealed that the average IDM company had 3-4 months of liquidity if nothing improved with the state of the pandemic. Here you all are 10 months later, which is a testament to your strength, resilience and true leadership. You can bridge the digital divide for so many traditional industries, you are going to be needed now more than ever to help other sectors in Manitoba.

The work that the province’s interactive digital media industry has done is so inspiring. This effort and passion has created products, services and employment during this difficult time, and it has been truly impactful. Your collaborative spirit has seen you rise to the challenge, and in some cases it’s been your best year yet. The work that you all do makes it an honour and a privilege for us to work for New Media Manitoba. Please look out for our new programs in 2021 that are specifically designed to help your business grow.

Now it’s time to look forward. We have no doubt 2021 is going to be the year of opportunity. It has been said that optimism is essential to achievement, and while we are sure that optimism may be a scarce commodity these days, the New Year gives us the chance to reset and re-engage with what is truly important. 

We are excited to continue to work with you all in 2021, and see the interactive digital media sector continue to grow and prosper in ways that it never has before. IDM is a pillar of our economy with the jobs of the future; it is an industry that is absolutely worth investing in, so let’s gear up for 2021. Rather than being cautiously optimistic, we prefer to say we have the chance to make this our best year on record. And once the pandemic is over, we will be thrilled to welcome everyone into our new Exchange District space. 

It is our sincere hope that you enter this new year with gratitude for what has passed, optimism for what may come, and resilience to face any new challenges. From the entire New Media Manitoba team, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. 


Louie, Jonathan, Juliet, John, Liz, Ajibola, & John