Corporate Plus

Member companies are the backbone of the IDM industry and New Media Manitoba is positioned to make a real impact.

When your company needs extra support with hiring highly qualified and diverse personnel, business coaching, sourcing funding or custom training, this tier is for you.

We are committed to your success with new business development programs that are designed to help Manitoba’s IDM companies access the resources, funding, talent and training.

If you’ve enjoyed our best-in-class training in the past, we now offer customized training to help your team up-skill.

Corporate Plus Membership sets no limits on how many employees you have. Any team member with the same email domain will receive discounts on events and email to invite-only events.

“NMM has supported our growth by providing opportunities to connect with the local community, and by increasing industry awareness across Manitoba. This isn’t something we could have done ourselves since our customer base is primarily international.

Because of organizations like NMM, we feel accepted and celebrated by our community, and able to contribute to a sector that’s critical in the long term economic future of Manitoba.”

Meghan Athavale, Founder & CEO
Lumo Interactive Inc.



Companies active in the IDM industry and education institutions

$499.00 / yearSelect options


Receive ALL benefits

$999.00 / yearSelect options

Networking opportunities with industry professionals

Discounts on virtual and on-site training events and educational workshops

Job posting submissions and promotion

Business exposure and promotion

Access to invite-only events

Invitations to participate in  IDM advocacy work and focus groups

NMM facility reservations

Support to apply for the Accelerator Partnership Program (A2P)

Discounts on Masterclass Training – Program closed, updates coming soon

Access to B2B Professional Services – Program closed, updates coming soon

Access to Business Development Training – Program closed, updates coming soon

Access to the Market Access Program (MAP) – Program closed, updates coming soon

Access to the Employment Diversity Program –
Program closed, updates coming soon


Submit your job postings and we’ll help you connect with the right person for the job.

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