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Registered as full or part-time at a recognized postsecondary institution.

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Freelance or active in the IDM industry and do not currently work at a member organization.

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Companies active in the IDM industry, schools, associations and private entities.

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Featured Benefits

Rate increases to $99 one year from graduation date

First Time Discount

Only $49 for first your year

Additional Benefits

For $500 more access the Employment Diversity Program with subsidies

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Receive all NMM benefits

Work placement opportunities for students

Volunteer opportunities for students

Networking opportunities with industry professionals

Discounts on virtual and on-site training events and educational workshops

Job posting submissions and promotion

Business exposure and promotion

Access to invite-only events

Invitations to participate in IDM advocacy work and focus groups

NMM facility reservations

Support to apply for the Accelerator Partnership Program (A2P)

Discounts on Masterclass Training