Business Development

The Business Development team of New Media Manitoba specializes in helping Manitoba interactive digital media companies grow their business. Getting funds for your new startup, or accessing money to build a new project, can be a difficult path to navigate. Ultimately we strive to help companies access the resources they need to create products and eventually takes those same products to market.

Business Development

Part of what we do, is help you access resources, such as funding, talent and training, that will help you grow your business and access new opportunities. We aim to assist you in selling your products and services through the support of our collective team.  

Helping Build Your Business

Listed below are initiatives which we have in place to help you make the biggest splash possible when your company enters the market.

  • Advocacy for increased government support
  • Advice on accessing federal and provincial tax credits
  • Business skills training (e.g. soft skills, feedback on your business plan)
  • One-on-one “mentorship”
  • Matchmaking services between between freelancers and companies
  • Help with funding/investment applications

The Western Canada Business Strategy Fund for Linear and Interactive Companies

Helping Sell Your Business

“You don’t sell the steak you sell the sizzle” - Elmer Wheeler

Once you’ve got your new business up and running we are still here to help. We offer several programs which are aimed at helping you getting the word out about your exciting new product. Listed below are a few ways that we can help you commercialize your product.  

  • Trade delegations to foreign markets
  • Business-to-business matchmaking
  • Organising summits that bring foreign markets to Manitoba
  • Access to advice on the legalities of commercializing your products
  • Help developing a marketing strategy
  • Creating showcase videos that raise the profile of your company