Project & Portfolio Feedback Requests

Want feedback on your video game project before submitting it to your teacher?
Want an industry expert review your portfolio before sharing it with a potential employer?

Pixel Pals MB invites you to connect directly with one of our game dev professionals to get that one-on-one, supportive feedback that you’ve been missing, accompanied by solid takeaways that you can take action on.

Please fill out this Request Form to submit your project or portfolio for review.

Connect with us through the Pixel Pals MB Discord channel.

Your project or portfolio review can be done by one of our volunteer industry experts listed below who all come from a place of kindness and want to provide you with a positive experience. We are very grateful for their time and commitment to help support those who want it!

Adrian Cheater_Complex Games

About me:
Versatile code witch, I like to solve problems and help remove barriers. With 20 years in the industry I can help you or help connect you with the right people.

Company: Complex Games

Role: Studio Technical Director


  • 2 Years Comp Sci, U of M (Did not finish). Largely self taught.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Software development
  • Networking
  • Infrastructure
  • Databases
  • Systems Administration


Review Requirements:

  • None at this time
Albertine Watson_Bunnyhug Games

About me:
Albertine is a Winnipeg-based game designer. Prior to transitioning into the world of game design, Albertine worked as a communications professional in the game industry. She loves indie and experimental games and spends her spare time wrangling her five chaotic pets.

Company: Bunnyhug Games

Role: Game Designer


  • Creative Communications, RRC Polytech
  • Self-taught in Game Design

Areas of Expertise:

  • Game design
  • Narrative design
  • Cutscene direction

Links: Most recent game worked on:

Review Requirements:

  • For Game Design or Narrative Design Assessments: Please provide a link to download or play a demo/build of your project (greybox/low fidelity projects are ok). If no build or demo is available, please provide a link to a short video (1-4 minutes) showing how your game currently plays. Whether you submit a linked demo or video, please also include a short description of what state your game is currently in (just started, in-progress, near finished, etc), what your game is about, what the core gameplay loop is, who your target audience is, and what your goals are with the project.
  • For Cutscene Direction Assessments: Please provide a link to a short video (1-4 minutes) showing the cutscene(s) you want assessment on (draft quality cutscenes with placeholder sketches are ok). Alternatively, please provide a link to a storyboard (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) that illustrates the shots and timing planned for your cutscene. Lastly, please include a few sentences describing what the cutscene is meant to be about.
Santo Aveiro-Ojeda_Freelance_Brujeria @ Werk

About me:
I’m a game designer with 8+ years of game-making experience, providing narrative and design services, as well as specializing in 2D art and animation.

Company: Freelance / Brujeria @ Werk

Role: Creative Director


  • Game Development & Animation – George Brown College

Areas of Expertise:

  • 2D Art/Animation
  • Game Design / Game Flows
  • Narrative Scripting


Review Requirements:

  • If sharing an animation reel or art portfolio, please have the files properly formatted and uploaded (YouTube/Vimeo, .ZIP files, Cloud folder, etc).
  • For game builds and other files, please make sure to upload to a folder that is easy to share.

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