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Discounted Mental Health Workshops & Training

Does your team need to get more comfortable with having open, honest conversations about mental health and mental health challenges? 

Do you and/or members of your team look like a “deer in the headlights” when someone starts sharing about their struggles? It’s really ok – that’s the case for most of us.

We are often not sure how to be in uncomfortable situations and conversations; what to say that will be understanding or helpful.

Now is the chance to change that. Take advantage of these exclusive offers to better equip you and/or your team. 

If you’re an employer interested in addressing mental health in the Workplace, Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH (RPLYT) can help.

Learn about RPLYT, a leader in the field of mental health and peer support training. Robyn, Charlotte and their posse are experts in educating others to break down stigma, teaching and sharing better ways to support those around you and about the magic of peer support.

Their workshops cover a wide gamut of mental health in order to break the stigma around mental health. They are delivered by people with their own experience of mental health and/or addictions issues or family members of those with those struggles.

RPLYT Goals are to:
  • Spark dialogue and transparency
  • Create a safe space in which people do not feel alone in their own mental health journey
  • Provide opportunities for continued independent or family support

Ready to learn what your road to discovery looks like?

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1. Introduction to Workplace Peer Support

FREE 1-hour online, offered monthly

Peer support is fast becoming a standard in healthy workplaces. Do you want to know more but aren’t sure about committing? Join this presentation and find out what peer support is, the benefits of having it in your workplace and how to implement it.

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2. When You’re Not Sure How to Workshop

We discuss how to enhance conversations and how to support yourself as you support others, starting with gaining an understanding of some of the experiences of people who deal with mental health or substance use issues, as well as related stigma, discrimination and trauma. The extra bonus is that the skills learned can be used in everyday life.

2.b Custom ‘When You’re Not Sure How Workshop’

We’ll assess your needs and design a training based on your team’s or organization’s desired outcomes. Sessions can be designed to inform and support leadership and human resources, small teams or any combination thereof.
This is a hand-on, interactive workshop that encourages active participation; not “just sit and listen”.  We welcome questions, thoughts and comments! They allow us to support you to better support others. 

Workshop: 4 hours
Online: 8 – 24 people

In person: 8 – 30 people
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3. Peer Support Training

This is a more in-depth training where staff can gain the complete peer support training experience. It covers more topics and allows for more skills practice. The training topics are:

  • Introductions/Course Overview/Goals & Objectives
  • Peer Support Definitions & Fundamentals
  • Communication and Preferred Communication Styles
  • Connecting through your Experiences
  • Diversity, World View & Unconscious Biases
  • Strength Based Support
  • Stages of Change
  • Supporting with Understanding 
  • Ethics & Boundaries
  • Self-care

Training: 12 hours
Online: 8 – 24 people
In person: 8 – 30 people

Register for this training with NMM discount code NMM10

You can have employees join advertised workshops and trainings and receive a discount using NMM10, or you can request a workshop or training just for your organization at an organizational rate based on what you wish to have delivered.

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These special offers are for active NMM members. Offers valid through 2023.

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