Business Development Training

PLEASE NOTE: The 2019 / 2022 funding cycle for the Business Development & Employment Diversity Programs has come to an end, and we are currently not accepting new applications. 

However, we would like to continue to support IDM companies and notify our members when we commence a new funding cycle. NMM offers various other services like trade missions, program navigation, and hiring support. Reach out to our team to learn more and share your thoughts on future programs.

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Masterclass Training

New Media Manitoba has just launched a new Masterclass training program on business development themes that will address knowledge gaps in the IDM industry. NMM members are invited to submit training requests for their leadership and team members to help augment their skill set.

NMM will offer assistance in sourcing subject matter experts and will facilitate the planning, logistics, and training delivery, including virtual training. In addition, NMM will contribute up to $10,000 per training engagement for eligible training proposals. 

Experts In Residence (EIR)

In order to successfully grow a business, certain resources and expertise are required, such as legal counsel, project management, security assessments, and regulatory compliance audits. However, many IDM companies lack this capacity in-house and are unable to outsource these services due to financial constraints. To fill this gap, NMM will contribute up to $10,000 for IDM companies to source an expert for eligible business development engagements.

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