Business Development

New Media Manitoba (NMM) delivers business development services and advanced industry training for Interactive Digital Media (IDM) companies in Manitoba to help them grow and scale into new markets.

These custom initiatives provide companies with access to funding that drives revenue generation, market expansion, and job creation. Eligible companies in Manitoba can access up to $40,000 in matching funds per fiscal year for business development support.

Please follow these links for more information on NMM’s programs, training, and services:

New Media Manitoba Program Funding Breakdown

IDM companies in Manitoba can access up to $45,000 in combined Business Development (BD) and Employment Diversity Program (EDP) support per fiscal year, funds permitting. The following is a breakdown of the BD and EDP funds:

Any IDM company may apply for the Market Access Program, the B2B Professional Service Program and the Employment Diversity Program.

Applicants that are deemed eligible and approved for these funded programs are required to purchase a Corporate Plus Membership or upgrade their Corporate Memberships.

Corinne Gusnoski

Business Development Manager