Winnipeg Game Jam banner

Winnipeg Game Jam
May 28-31, 2015

Bring your laptop, bring your Jolt Cola, and bring your passion for making indie games. From May 28-31 it's time to Jam!

Lean User Research with Google's Tomer Sharon banner

Lean User Research with Google's Tomer Sharon
June 10-11, 2015

The fast adoption of the Lean Startup management approach among startups, enterprises, and government agencies worldwide has brought to light new (and renewed) user research methods. These methods help answer burning questions people, teams, and organizations have about their customers. A key aspect of Lean User Research is that it creates a shared understanding among research stakeholders and that it provides fast, reliable results.

Lean Analytics with Alistair Croll banner

Lean Analytics with Alistair Croll
June 18-19, 2015

"This was the best event you have ever hosted" sums up nearly ALL the feedback we received when we presented Alistair Croll for an evening on "How Not to Fail" for startups last December.

Based on feedback like that, we’ve brought Alistair back for a two-day workshop on Lean Analytics, a subject he quite literally wrote the book on.

Since 2013, Lean Analytics has been the go-to guide for how to build a better business faster using data. A bestseller that’s been translated into nine languages, it shows organizations of all sizes how to measure the right metric, in the right way, to produce the change the business needs most at that point in time.

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