New Media Manitoba Receives Support for Digital Innovation Strategies

New Media Manitoba (NMM) is pleased to announce that it has received a significant contribution from the Government of Canada (via Western Economic Diversification Canada) to help support digital innovation in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Interactive Digital Media (IDM) sector has grown from strength to strength over the last ten years. With a GDP impact of over $190 million per annum as per our last Economic Impact Analysis in 2017 (up from $40 M in 2012), and the growing number of companies, our sector is reaching an exciting inflection point. This funding will allow us to support this exponential growth with a number of initiatives and programs that will have direct impact on the sector. Some of the programs included are:

Market Access
A cornerstone of helping the IDM sector grow is to help market-ready IDM companies access new markets so companies can commercialize their intellectual property (IP) and access new clients through fee-for-service work. Market access is the fundamental life blood of the digital media sector and especially so as the landscape is fundamentally shifting from Manitobacompanies competing on a national stage to an international stage.

NMM will lead export trade missions where specific market events are identified that could support a cluster of IDM companies, utilizing a variety of tools to best assist companies reach their goals in a specific market. But while sub-sectors of the IDM industry have identified the need to access foreign markets to grow their businesses, it has been made clear that those markets don’t always have well placed conferences that would warrant facilitating a group trade mission. Therefore NMM will create a customized, one-to-one market access program. This initiative would provide support to companies that are looking to access specific target markets while best positioning them to meet with potential partners, clients or investors.

Subsidized Employment and Sponsored Internships
To encourage hiring practices that promote diversity, we will be administering a wage subsidized employment program for women, recent graduates and under-represented communities.

One-on-One Business Development Support
NMM will provide the industry with one-on-one business support that is focused on helping SME’s overcome specific hurdles that are impeding the growth of their company.  This formalized program will be customized to the unique needs of member companies.

Experts in Residence
When growing a small company there are specific resources that would be helpful to building that company. NMM will bring in out- of- province IDM experts working within very specific domains to provide professional expertise for those who could use specialized help.

Access to Investment
A key hurdle to growing any business, especially with an eye to growing a company on a national or international stage, is access to investment/capital.

NMM will be assisting companies to access funding by connecting investors to Manitoba IDM companies.

“This project will have a significant impact on the growth of Manitoba IDM companies. These initiatives directly address two significant challenges that Manitoba’s IDM sector has identified – access to qualified talent and access to markets. NMM is really excited to work directly with industry to assist their companies to accomplish their goals.”
– Louie Ghiz, Executive Director, New Media Manitoba.

New Media Manitoba will continue to develop, deliver and refine our programs that support business and product development for IDM companies. Our aim is to ensure that we are responsive to the needs of the IDM industry, and provide relevant programming as the sector continues to evolve and grow at exponential rates.

The breadth of creative and technological IDM talent that this province produces is truly inspiring. We are grateful that the Government of Canada (via Western Economic Diversification Canada) realizes this potential and is assisting NMM to build initiatives that will allow us to support and drive the continued expansion of this innovative industry.

Stay tuned for additional program details on how you can access these supports. NMM will be hiring new team members to lead these initiatives, our job postings will go out in the coming weeks.

General inquiries can be directed to i[email protected]

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