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Stay at Home Session – A Houdini Primer

July 23 from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Take your first dive into the power of procedural assets with Houdini. This crash course on one of the most powerful software suites around and will help you think procedurally as you go through the process of creating your own digital assets. This session will teach you the process of creating a very simple Houdini Digital Asset aimed at game development workflows.

This Stay at Home Session will be in a slightly different format than previous ones. We will kick things off on July 9th with an intro session and then release a weekly series of instructional videos. The session will wrap up with another live session to answer questions and show what your next steps might be.

Here’s what’s going to be covered at the July 9th intro session:

  • A basic introduction to the ideas and workflows of Houdini.
  • What is a Digital Asset and why should you care?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using Houdini rather than other software.
  • A short discussion of what integration with Unity/Unreal means in this context.
  • An overview of the process of creating and exporting a Houdini Digital Asset.
  • Importing a Houdini Digital Asset with Unity or Unreal.

Here’s what’s will be covered in the videos:

  • Basic procedural modelling
  • Groups and selections of faces/edges/points to support a procedural workflow
  • Use of common Nodes in Houdini Modelling (PolyExtrude, Merge, Group, .. )
  • Setting up simple materials and UVs in Houdini
  • Set up of Digital Asset in Houdini to prepare for export
  • Importing and using the Digital Asset to add variation to your model.

Note: We will not be covering basic Houdini topics like the UI Layout, installing the HDA or other topics that are sufficiently covered by other available videos so you may want to watch some intro videos to prepare if you are new to Houdini.

Your Instructors

Mike Safioles is a 3D Artist at Zenfri Inc, who works on procedural technical art with SideFX Houdini and Unity.
Mike loves finding ways to automate or improve the efficiency of art tasks, and ends up spending a lot of time with Houdini both at work and at home!
Find him at https://twitter.com/MikeSafioles and www.safioles.com

Dylan Fries is an independent game developer, instructor, programmer and artist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Dylan is the founder of Peg Jam and co-founder of the Winnipeg Game Collective. He has organized and ran a dozen game jams with New Media Manitoba and is a frequent speaker and organizer in the game development community.

Dylan is currently teaching Computer Science to international students at ICM at the University of Manitoba and formerly taught the Video Game Design 2 course at Red River College.

Contact him at [email protected] or follow at https://dylanfries.itch.io/


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